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Easily Achieve the Wet Hair Look

The wet hair look is a fun way to change up your style. However, we know you want to look runway-ready and not like a poor kitten caught in a rainstorm. The wet hair look actually is simple to achieve. It just takes a bit of styling know-how and the right products.

Easily Achieve the Wet Hair Look

Benefits of the Wet Hair Look

Before we look at the steps for creating the wet hair look, let’s talk about the benefits of this unique style. The recent number of runway models sporting the wet hair look isn’t something completely new, although it’s been updated considerably since the greasier, wet-look of the 80s. The modern wet hair style not only looks fun and fashionable, but it has a few benefits everyone can agree upon.

  • It saves your hair from heat styling.
  • It’s quick and easy, ideal when you’re short on time.

Easily Achieve the Wet Hair Look

How to Get the Wet Hair Look

In a few easy steps, you can have a stylish wet hair look.

  1. Wash your hair or wet it.
  2. Lightly dry hair with a towel until it’s about 60-percent dry. You may also opt to fingertip dry it.
  3. Smooth your hair with a boar bristle brush to remove tangles and bumps.
  4. Apply the ion™ LUXE Opulent Shine Creme to your palms and work it through your hair to distribute it evenly.
  5. Style your hair.


Another option for creating the wet hair look is to use a deep conditioning treatment instead of a pomade to achieve that all-day wet look with ease. When styling models for designer Jeremy Scott’s runway show, hairstylist Eugene Souleiman revealed that he used a deep conditioning treatment to get each model’s wet hair look.
Via Into the Gloss, Souleiman says, “We’ve just sprayed the girls’ hair down and made it wet and literally just combed a protein pack conditioner through. It’s still kind of wet, but it’s settled.”

Easily Achieve the Wet Hair Look

Styling the Wet Hair Look

Perfect and easy styles to wear wet include a sleek ponytail, an elegant chignon or even a fun French twist. Another option is to slick your hair back away from your face and wear it down, simple and chic. When styling the wet look into a pony or chignon, consider applying a finishing product that offers a glossy sheen.

For curly or wavy hair apply a curl enhancing cream to your wet hair, working it through the hair thoroughly using your fingertips. Fluff and you ready to go. If you have a short cut, consider slicking your wet hair back away from your face using pomade. This bold style accentuates your facial features and transitions easily from work to an evening out on the town.

Part your medium-length hair in the center and try a dual texture look where it’s wet at the roots but wavy from the middling to the ends. This is one of those looks that you can quickly and easily put together when you don’t have time to wash your hair before rushing off to get the kids to school. You’ll look great at the drop-off line and you’ll still make it to your first morning meeting on time.

Long hair easily sweeps back from the face for a wet-hair look sleek pony or into a loose chignon perfect for a girl’s day out. Wear the chignon low and to the side for a different look or simply twist it up into a classic bun.


The wet hair look really is easy to achieve and is one of the best trends today that offers a lot of styling flexibility for all hair types and lengths.

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