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Does Virgin Olive Oil for Hair Really Work?

Olive oil, a monounsaturated fat or MUFA, has health benefits for the body when used in cooking — plus when drizzled over roasted vegetables, it’s absolutely delicious. Did you know that the same extra virgin olive oil you drizzled over pasta also could be used to improve the physical health of your hair?

Olive oil has become a featured ingredient in many beauty products because the “same antioxidants that heal your internal cells may help protect your outer layer from damage,” reports CNN. Extra virgin olive oil for hair care is simple and may help improve its luster, body and overall resistance to split strands and ends.

Does Virgin Olive Oil for Hair Really Work?

Fatty Acids Offer Protection

We torture our hair daily. From the high setting on the hair dryer to flat irons, curling irons and using the wrong products that strip away moisture, our hair suffers. Even regular coloring can make your hair feel dry. Brittle hair becomes difficult to style and your fabulous cut now hangs lifeless; definitely not the look you wanted. Olive oil and its fatty acids, when applied to dry, damaged hair can help coat the shaft and protect the hair’s outer layer.

A few potential benefits from using virgin olive oil for hair care include:

  • Softens and restores dry, brittle hair
  • Helps moisturize scalp, protecting against dry scalp
  • Tames frizzy, flyaway hair
  • Improves blood circulation on the scalp

Does Virgin Olive Oil for Hair Really Work?

How to Use Virgin Olive Oil for Hair Care

A hot oil treatment is an easy way to use olive oil on your hair. Pour about one-half cup of virgin olive oil into a microwave safe cup or bowl and warm for 20 to 30 seconds. Don’t boil, simply warm. If it’s too hot, you won’t be able to touch it.

Apply the warmed olive oil to unwashed but combed hair with your fingertips, massaging it into your scalp and through every strand. You may use a wide-tooth comb to pull the oil through longer hair. After applying the oil, wrap your hair/head in a towel or shower cap. Allow the oil to sit for 20 to 30 minutes.
Remove the olive oil from your hair by shampooing and rinsing with cool water. If possible do this in the sink or without standing in the tub/shower. As the olive oil sluices out it can make the tub/shower floor slippery.

Does Virgin Olive Oil for Hair Really Work?

Safety tip

Avoid performing this treatment in the shower or on a tiled surface as any drops of oil on the floor can be slippery and pose the potential for a slip-and-fall.

This type of hot oil treatment with virgin olive oil can help restore moisture to dry, damaged hair and can help tame frizzies. Massaging the oil into your scalp moistures the skin and stimulates blood circulation which may help with follicle health.

Does Virgin Olive Oil for Hair Really Work?

Health tip

Please note that in some individuals, olive oil applied topically can cause allergic reactions. If you have a known allergy to consumed olive oil, never use it as a topical beauty product. In addition, it’s always best to test a small patch of skin on the inside of your wrist before using any new product, including olive oil.

If you’re allergic to olive oil, the Ion Effective Care Treatment is ideal for strengthening and moisturizing weak, damaged hair.

Does Virgin Olive Oil for Hair Really Work?

Best Olive Oil to Use

When incorporating any type of olive oil into your hair care routine, be picky. Both extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil are made from the crushing of whole olives. These oils are more pure, less processed and contain the olive oil’s natural nutrients. Only choose an olive that has the aroma of olives. It shouldn’t smell sour, metallic or vinegar-y. Look for an olive oil in a dark or green bottle, which helps protect it from light that can damage the oil. At home, store your olive oil in a place away from heat or light.

Home remedies like virgin olive oil for hair care can work for many hair types. Ion products like Reconstructor and Overnight Repair also provide intensive conditioning and help to restore all levels of damaged hair.

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