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Does the Type of Towel Matter for Towel Drying Hair?

When you hop out of the shower, the first thing you probably do is grab a towel to dry off. If you have medium to long hair, you may even have a separate towel that you use to stop some of the water out of your hair. However, if you think that using just any old towel is good for towel drying hair, you may want to think again.

Does the Type of Towel Matter for Towel Drying Hair?

Why Towel Choice Matters

The type of towel that you use to dry your hair when you get out of the shower can make a difference in how your hair looks once dry and the overall health of your hair, believe it or not. Choosing a towel that’s made of the right material and that is the right size will help get your style off to the right start.

Does the Type of Towel Matter for Towel Drying Hair?

What to Look for in a Hair Towel

So, it’s time to start shopping for some new hair towels. What should you look for? Ideally, you’ll want to choose hair towels that are made of soft materials, such as microfiber cloth. Microfiber is ideal because it has excellent absorbent qualities while also being gentle on the hair itself. Furthermore, softer towels keep the hair cuticle lying flat, which allows your hair to begin drying without becoming frizzy or unruly. On the other hand, rougher or coarser towels can have the opposite effect of causing your hair to frizz out as it dries. If you don’t have immediate access to a microfiber towel, even using an old (but clean) t-shirt is generally better than using a coarse towel to dry your hair.

Another important thing to look for when choosing a hair towel is size; if your hair is longer or thicker, you’ll need a larger towel to make sure that all of your hair can be properly enclosed and evenly dried. With a towel that’s too small, the ends of your hair may stick out and your hair won’t dry properly.

Does the Type of Towel Matter for Towel Drying Hair?

Styling Hair With a Towel

Do you love that effortless, towel-dried look but aren’t sure how to achieve it? It’s actually a lot easier than you think.

Always start with a clean, soft microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt. Once you step out of the shower, wrap the towel gently around your hair and squeeze it into the hair to wring out any excess water. While doing this, be careful not to twist your hair, as this could cause damage and breakage. And never rub your hair with a towel in an effort to dry it more quickly, as this will prevent the cuticle from lying flat, which will inevitably lead to frizz.

Continue using the towel to blot your hair dry in small sections. Once the hair is only slightly damp, use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle it. Then, use a quality gel or styling creme to achieve your desired look (whether it be waves or curls). This is a great way to achieve a cute look without using any heat on your hair in the process, making it a viable option for those days when you want to give your hair a break from heat-based styling tools.

As you can see, the towel you use to dry your hair can make all the difference in your finished style. By choosing a soft microfiber towel, you can prevent frizz and pull off a great natural look.

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