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DIY Your Summer Soiree!

Summer’s here, and that means it’s time to party! Below are some great summer party DIY goodies that you can make at home. They will give your party a definitively chic edge that is all your own—and they are super fun to make (and only require household items!). Get ready: This is DIY home decor to the max!

Abstract Table Cloths

You don’t have to know how to paint to create these unique table cloths. Each one of them will be different and will display your own personal style. What’s better is that you can get the kids to help with this awesome DIY. Just use some white sheets (the cheaper the better!) and some acrylic paints. Lay them out on a wide and flat space away from furniture or anything that can be damaged. Then let your imagination take over. Try out a Jackson Pollock design and cover the surface with paint drops. Use a wide brush to paint on different color combinations. You can even let your fingers and toes get in on the action by stepping in paint and transferring it to the canvas.

Doodle Cake

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to know how to draw to make this beautiful cake design.  Draw a circle or a square on a large piece of paper. Separate the circle or square into sections, such as quarters or even eighths. Then start doodling within each section, repeating shapes and shading over and over to fill a section. Ideas include arcs, connecting triangles, and even swirls. Do a different doodle in each section and before you know it you’ll have a patchwork of intricate marks that look like you spent hours to create. Take a picture of it to your local bakery to have them put it on a cake.


Quick & Easy Recipes

Here are a few quick and easy recipes to try:

  • Chicken kebobs – Marinate chicken in Italian dressing for about 30 minutes, then skewer it with bell peppers and onions.
  • Pasta salad – Combine spiral pasta with black olives, scallions, chickpeas, and grape tomatoes.  Season the mix with granulated garlic, salt, pepper, and grated Parmesan cheese.  Toss with Italian dressing.
  • Hummus with olives – Simple. Chop black, green, or kalamata olives and drop them in a simple, flavorful hummus in a pretty bowl. Serve with chips.

Planning for a party doesn’t have to cost a lot or take a lot of time. Using your imagination and things you have at home to create unique party accessories. Be sure to stay on top of our blog for more inspiring DIY tips, beauty and style inspiration, and fun crafts to do with the whole family!

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