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DIY Room Decoration Ideas

The world of DIY room decorations is big, really big. Your creativity is the limit, and you needn’t settle for anything less than perfect. You can make your bedroom décor awesome with a few tricks, and plenty of cheap alternatives can emulate an entire redesign experience.

Lighting, curtains, wall art and accessories, when placed well, can invigorate an entire household. Get ready to transform your living space, and take advantage of the following DIY room decoration ideas to craft an inspiring, fun and colorful bedroom.

DIY Room Decoration Ideas

Tip One: Break Out the Washi Tape

Washi tape instills clever designs within a room, honing any living space with modern appeal. It can create some truly awesome images, and it can be placed in a single day. Set your washi tape around doorways, and match it with an awesome window design. To add a little flair, create your own scented candles, and wrap them up with matching bows. It’ll pull the room together while enhancing the overall artistic touch near entryways.

DIY Room Decoration Ideas

Tip Two: Hang Loose with a DIY Hammock

Modern bedroom styles exemplify the creative, the free-caring and the simplistic. A DIY hammock displays simplicity while retaining a room’s energy. Set up your own hammock creation nearest the window, and craft a reading nook around it. You’ll be surprised by the creative energy it’ll inspire, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to set up. Many room hammocks exist, and each carries a unique pattern to add style to your other DIY room decorations.

DIY Room Decoration Ideas

Tip Three: Install a Brass Stencil Lampshade

You can create a modern piece of art immediately if you’ve got a little time. Brass stencil lampshades are quickly becoming preferred modernist installations, and they’re quite easy to make. Gather a wire-frame lampshade, and work on it with vintage brass letter stencils. Then, remove the lampshade’s fabric and wrap grosgrain ribbon around its top and base. Punch several holes in the brass stencils, and tie them to the lampshade with fine twine, ribbon and string. Add an industrial Edison bulk for a chic look, or redefine the area around it to make a study area, a date night dinner area or even a small library. Brass stencil lampshades offer incredible room flexibility.

DIY Room Decoration Ideas

Tip Four: Make a Wall Photo Mural

Few creations compare to the sheer creativity of a photo wall mural. The best part? They’re easy to make. Collect your favorite photos, and craft a printable wall mural to inspire your room with a bold statement. No need for wallpaper or paint, as a photo wall mural will defy basic construction and reveal your deepest artistic values. Photo murals are even dorm-accessible, and they can be removed if you’re leaning towards a new, seasonal style.

DIY Room Decoration Ideas

Tip Five: Place a Photo Clock

If you’re looking for a smaller photo installation, try crafting a photo clock. Photo clocks are always an interesting room inclusion, and they’re capable of showing off your memories in a unique way. Print out your filtered Instagram pictures, and generate an ultra-cool display based upon your cheeriest memories. You’ll only need 12 photos, and you can even craft a minimalist version with six: Simply skip every other number.

Your room’s overall design is in your hands. DIY room decorations are entirely easy to mold and morph, so you’re never restrained to a single installation. Over time, you’ll surely come up with new ideas, rework old creations and install new favorites. Take your time, and channel your creative energy into the design you want. If you’re feeling zealous, try adapting your room’s outermost area to your hallway’s design. Experiment with transitions, and use your room’s natural lighting to create an organic atmosphere worthy of every visitor.

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