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DIY Gel Nails at Home

Gel polish is one of the industry’s hottest new trends, and it’s taking the fashion world by storm. Thinner, protective and flexible, gel polish is being heavily considered over acrylic enhancements. You can save big time by doing your own nails at home, and you can even craft your own gel application with little supplies.

If you’re down for it, check out the following tips to do your own gel polish. Self-application takes practice, but it’s certainly the way to go for long-term fabulous nails. Let’s get started:

DIY Gel Nails at Home

Step One: The Supplies and Preparation

Before jumping into the application, you’ll need supplies. Firstly, you’ll need regular nail polish. Then, you’ll need to pick up a gel polish and a quick-dry top coat.

Once you’ve procured the basics, you should buff and smooth out your nails. Make them as smooth as possible to make the application successful. Once you’ve buffed your nails, remove any remaining dust with polish remover. Wait for your nails to dry, and get ready for the main event.

DIY Gel Nails at Home

Step Two: Applying the Gel Coat

It’s time to add the gel coat. Gently smooth your selected product across your nail tops. Make sure it’s totally flat, and let it dry for one minute. Don’t touch it. After it’s dry, you’ll be able to apply the main nail polish. However, your gel coat needs to be totally settled to “lock in” the overall design. Really, your gel coat acts as a sort of base for the rest of the polish. Assuming you’ve smoothed it out correctly, it’ll grasp the upcoming application and hold it in, protecting it from wear and tear.

DIY Gel Nails at Home

Step Three: Apply the Main Coat

Now, you’ll apply your favorite nail polish. Find a color that suits you. Pastels, in particular, work well with gel bases. The added depth of a gel coat exemplifies a pastel color’s lights and darks, rendering a unique, multi-layered design from a simple, single coat.

Regardless of your color choice, you’ll need to use the same, thin stroking motion to apply the main color coat. Make the coat thin, and let it settle for three minutes. Once the coat has dried, apply a second thin coat. Sometimes, gel bases need a little extra nail polish to fully reveal lighter colors. Your second coat needn’t be heavy, but it should be sufficient enough to pull out your polish’s true colors.

DIY Gel Nails at Home

Step Four: Applying the Top Gel Coat

Once your main coat has dried completely, you should apply your top gel coat. Gently brush it over the dried main coat, and let it dry for five to 10 minutes. In doing so, you’ll frame your creation. Gel coats are incredibly durable, so your nails will be quite safe from day-to-day activities.

You should, however, protect your nails from harsh chemicals and abrasives. Check out this blog post regarding shampoo chemicals with regards to hair, skin and nails. Additionally, take a proactive approach to nail protection when engaging typically “nail-harsh” activities. Watch out for harsh cleansers when washing the dishes, and always protect your nails from sand at the beach, your pocket’s contents and even loose clothing threads. You’d be surprised to hear the horror stories surrounding hangnails and split nail ends.

Reapply your gel coat as necessary, too. While you should get at least two weeks of life out of your gel application, certain lifestyles may necessitate reapplication. Take care of your nails, and try new, explorative colors! Doing your nails at home saves time and money, and it opens the doors to creativity. 

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