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Differences Between a Demi Permanent and Semi Permanent Hair Color

They sound almost the same, yet semi-permanent and demi-permanent are two different types of hair coloring options. They are both more temporary than permanent coloring techniques, but they provide different results. What is demi permanent hair color, and what’s different about semi-permanent hair color? If you want to know the answers to these questions and how to know when to choose each type, we’ll cover the answers to those questions in this hair color beauty guide so you’re prepared for dying your hair.

Differences Between a Demi Permanent and Semi Permanent Hair Color

How Are These Different From Permanent Hair Color?

These colors have some factors in common, many of which separate them from permanent hair coloring. Neither semi- or demi-permanent color has ammonia, so they make a healthier choice. Since these hair colors are gentle and conditioning, they don’t damage your hair as much as permanent color, and you can even use them on the same day as having a permanent wave or relaxer.

These colors allow your hair to go back to its natural color through washings, whereas you need to grow out the hair to go back with permanent color. This makes these non-permanent colors a smart choice for trying out colors to figure out your preferences. You could also use them to temporarily change or boost your hair color just for an event or a vacation, and then easily go back to your previous color.

Differences Between a Demi Permanent and Semi Permanent Hair Color

What Separates These Color Formulas Types From Each Other?

Despite their similarities, these two hair colors varieties are different. Demi-permanent color includes some peroxide as a developer, which means that it gets the hair cuticle to open slightly so it can absorb the color. Semi-permanent color does not have a developer, so the color simply goes on the outside of the hair. The developing action helps the color stay longer and colors dark shades better than semi-permanent color. Demi-permanent color is a good choice for turning your hair to a darker shade, but not if you plan to go for a lighter hue. Demi-permanent color stays in the hair for 12 to 24 washings, while semi-permanent only lasts for six to 12 washings.

Differences Between a Demi Permanent and Semi Permanent Hair Color

When to Choose Each Type of Hair Color

Are you planning to try your hand at dying your hair for the first time? Or maybe you don’t want people to realize you colored your hair, but just want it to look fresh or cover up grays. In these situations, semi-permanent color will fit your needs. This type won’t really change the color of your hair, but instead can slightly alter the tone within your color group or give you a color boost.

Choose demi-permanent color if you want a more significant or longer-lasting change but you don’t want the damage or intensity that permanent coloring can cause.

Differences Between a Demi Permanent and Semi Permanent Hair Color

Can These Colors Cover Gray Hair?

Both types will cover gray hair, with demi-permanent color doing a better job. These colors work well for gray blending, which means that the color blends in with your natural color and covers gray in a subtle way people might not notice. Then, these colors wash out throughout all your hair at once for a look that is more understated and natural than having the hair color grow out and show roots, which is what happens with permanent color.

If you don’t want to commit to permanent color, or you want to avoid its damaging effects, try out a semi- or demi-permanent color instead. These colors give you options for enhancing your color, trying something new or covering gray, so they provide all the benefits you could want from hair coloring.

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