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Dare to Go Dark

The trick with dark hair color is to keep your eyebrows a close match to your new dark color. Typically, the most natural look are eyebrows slightly lighter than your dark hair color.

The Dark Side

Even if you’re honey blonde, you can go a bolder, darker hair color without looking like you stepped out of a retro vampire movie.

Generally, brunette tresses look good with a variety of skin tones, even fair — think fair Irish skin with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Don’t be afraid to dance over to the dark side even if you’re blonde and fair.

Dark Golden Brown

If you’re fair, this is not the dark shade for you. A gorgeous dark golden brown hue works best with olive or deeper skin tones. If adding highlights, opt for warmer tones such as honey or bronze.

Copper Brown and Mahogany

Both copper brown and mahogany are rich, luxurious shades of brown that look fabulous with many skin tones. Try these darker brunette shades if your skin is fair to medium with pinkish undertones. If it has more yellow undertones, these colors may cause you to look washed out.

Dark Brown, Dark or Medium Ash Brown

For light brown or dark blonde hair, it’s not difficult to take it a few shades darker to a basic dark brown or a medium to dark ash brown. Medium ash brown works with most complexions as it’s neutral. However, to give your look more dimension consider adding caramel or dark honey blonde highlights.

Dark ash brown or a basic dark brown looks stunning on long hair, especially if you are tall like Katie Holmes. It’s an elegant color that pairs beautifully with fashion colors ranging from brilliant cobalt to the warm tones of fall foliage. For anyone who’s shorter than average height, consider wearing your new dark brown hair in a slightly layered style to create more movement to keep your bold hair from overwhelming your features and figure.

Brown Black Vs. Blue Black

There are certain facial features and coloring that are fabulous when framed with blue black hair. Cher, Katy Perry and Megan Fox come to mind immediately. However, for many, going blue black ends up looking too vampish and unnatural. When you want rich, dark hair color consider a brown black with warmer undertones that will complement most skin tones without making you look like a corpse bride — unless that’s your idea for a Halloween costume, then go for it.

Tip: If coloring your hair just for a one-night costume, consider a semi-permanent like Blackest Black that will wash out eventually. Another option (and one with less commitment) is simply to choose a wig for your costume.

Makeup for Dark Hair

Complement your new dark ‘do with sultry eye color in shades of cocoa brown, smoky grey and rich bronze or gold. For dark hair with brown eyes, especially dark brown eyes, any shade of brown, grey, pink and even purple work. Enhance your blue eyes with cooler shades of grey, purple and even blue. However, always go a shade darker than your eye color if using blue eyeshadow for blue eyes. Hazel and green eyes with dark hair are unique, so play it up with glimmering shades of bronze, gold and even silver.

Don’t forget the lips! Try some new shades to see what complements your new darker hair color and your skin tone. Generally, most dark brunette hair colors look good with bold lip color. From deep ruby red to head-turning crimson, you can rock these shades like any celebrity. For olive tones, try lipcolor in plum or a dusky rose.

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