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Cute Workout Hair Ideas: From Gym to Office

A visit to the gym before work or during your lunch hour is a great way to keep fit when trying to balance a hectic lifestyle that includes family, kids, volunteer activities and other life responsibilities. But, it’s also easy to justify skipping a workout because you think you’ll look like a sweaty mess after. Don’t be afraid to go for a run or enjoy that cycling class. We’ve got several cute workout hair ideas that will take you from the gym to the office or anywhere else.

Cute Workout Hair Ideas: From Gym to Office

Heated Brush

If you find yourself completely out of time to style out your hair after your workout, you can always use a thermal brush to refresh your hairstyle! A heated brush comes in handy as it allows you to retouch your hair quickly and without the hassle.

Cute Workout Hair Ideas: From Gym to Office

Classic High Pony

A classic high pony is one of the easiest styles to transition from gym to post-workout awesomeness. Before pulling your hair back into the pony, spray the roots with dry shampoo to allow it to absorb the oils during your workout and minimize any greasiness post-workout. After your workout, backcomb the top for some volume.

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Cute Workout Hair Ideas: From Gym to Office

Side French Braid Ponytail

The side French braid ponytail is a cute workout hair style that makes it easy to go from the gym to the office, mall or out to dinner with friends. To create this stylish hybrid, ease the post workout frizz with a lightweight styling cream. Then create a side part, divide the heavier side into three equal sections and begin a French braid.

Add another section of hair to the right strand and cross that combined piece over the middle strand. Do the same with the left. Repeat those steps again working until you reach about inch or so behind the ear. Braid the rest of the hair into a regular braid and tie it off with an elastic band.

Pull your remaining hair up into a regular ponytail with the French braid/braid and secure it with an elastic band. You can pull a piece of hair from the pony to wrap around the band to give the style a finished look. Just secure that hair with a bobby pin. Add Ion texturing spray to the pony for a great tousled look.

Cute Workout Hair Ideas: From Gym to Office

Low Knot

Go ahead and pull your hair up into a ponytail during your workout. Your after workout hair might be a bit greasy but with a low knot you can use this to your advantage. Apply a bit of our Multi-Benefit Styling Cream and pull your hair back away from the face.

Create a middle part in the back so you have two sections (like you might if you were creating two low ponytails.) Simply tie the two sections in a knot, similar to how you begin a knot for a bow. Create a second knot right below, so you now have two knots atop each other at the nape of the neck. Tuck the ends in and secure with bobby pins.

Cute Workout Hair Ideas: From Gym to Office

Low Bun

The low bun is just as easy as the low know and can be worn with a few wisps pulled out for a chic, fashionista-on-the-go look.  Pull your hair back into a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Twist the pony into a loose bun and tuck the ends in. Secure with bobby pins if needed and spray with a frizz-reducing hair spray with flexible hold, which will help your hair resist the effects of humidity for the rest of the day.

Cute Workout Hair Ideas: From Gym to Office

Post-Workout Styling Tips

If you decide to take a few minutes to wash and heat style your hair after a workout, don’t forget about your hair’s health. You’ve taken the time to work out for your overall health, be sure to treat your hair with equal kindness. The Ion Styling Boosting Blow Dry Spray helps add flexibility and volume to your hair plus it conditions to help maintain hair’s health. It’s a great way to get amazing volume without that dry, crunchy feeling so many volumizers’ cause.

Try the Ion Straightening Blow-Dry Balm when you want to condition and smooth out curls or hair that loves to frizz especially after the heat of a workout. It’s paraben free and offers a light hold plus manageability.

Even with the busiest of schedules, you can find balance. Don’t skip the workout just because you’re afraid you won’t have time to look good afterward. Practice a few of these easy styles at home and you’ll walk out after your next workout looking runway ready.

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