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Creative Hairstyles for Your Family

Hairstyles are workable for the whole family! Sometimes, all you need is an effective product, a little creativity and some coordination. Family hairstyles are in, and finding the most creative hair color needn’t be hard. Check out the following creative hair styles for your family, and get the whole team on board with your newest creations.

Creative Hairstyles for Your Family

Style One: The Spiral

The spiral hair style is all-natural, and its free-flowing layers are perfect for a group setup. To create a long-lasting style, work some curl smoothing cream throughout towel dried hair. When smoothing try using a keratin smoothing comb for keratin-treated hair. Don’t worry: You’ll create the curls soon enough.

Once you’ve smoothed things over, use a large-toothed comb to part the hair. Add definition to each curl by working in a little styling wax. Then, apply medium hold hairspray to finish the job. If the curls are stubborn, use some hard-to-hold spray.

Creative Hairstyles for Your Family

Style Two: The Bobbed Beauty

Modern bob cuts are very accessible. You can style the whole family with them, bringing together each member’s natural beauty. The chin-length bob style is an awesome, no-fuss option for active girls, and it’s perfect for work days, too.

To craft the bobbed beauty, work some styling cream into towel dried hair. Then, part the hair. Use the middle line as a guide, styling as you blow dry. While you blow dry, use your fingers to tousle the hair. Wait until it’s about 80 percent dry, and go through it with a medium paddle brush. Smooth the hair out, and finish off the cut with some shaping spray.

Creative Hairstyles for Your Family

Style Three: The Twisted Sister

Sometimes, it’s best to get a little wild. Rope twists can create a high ponytail masterpiece, and they’re accessible at all ages. Unique in texture, twisted hairstyles are creative, whacky and certainly memorable. They’re highly stylish, too, so take care in crafting the best-possible version for a popular touch.

First, work the hair from back to front. Then, split any remaining dry hair into one-inch-long sections. Secure each section with an elastic band, and separate each ponytail into separate, twisted sections. Further twist the strands around one another, securing the ends with more elastic.

Once you’ve completed the twists, it’ll be time to gather each twist up into a ponytail. This hairstyle is maintenance-heavy, so it’s important to gather each section in unison. You don’t’ want parts falling away, and you don’t want them coming loose, either. For younger family members, try out with accessories. Flowers, ribbons and even beads make awesome additions, and many seasonal colors exist. With all hair styles, make sure you’ve secured a solid cut. While styling is important, each family member deserves a professional stylist’s touch.

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