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Creating Your Own Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The chic Mohawk is in. Are you? It isn’t hard to make, and it’s a total must-have for any gal boosting her edge. It’s glam. It’s fierce. It’s all about texture, length and style. If you want to update your look, search no further. We’re covering the faux hawk hairstyle today, and we’ve got the supplies, as well as the knowledge, you need to secure your style.

Creating Your Own Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Getting Into the Messy Hawk

To land the chic faux hawk successfully, you’ll need to spike your hair for the special occasion. You’ll be pinning up your hair, here, and you’ll be cutting down on frizz to make it work. Because the chic faux hawk can be messy at the edges, you’ll need some Ion Curl Solutions Styling Cream to start out with.

You’ll need to begin by layering your hair. Wet, clean and dry your hair, and apply your styling cream soon after. This YouTube video by Iris J. covers quite a bit about rocking the messy style, and it’ll aid your journey while protecting your edges.

Creating Your Own Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The Protruding Hair Ridge

Next, you’ll want to smooth your hair’s sides. Use your fingers, a comb or even both to do this. Spread your locks evenly, and leave a chunk on your head’s middle section. This bulk of hair will be your faux-hawk-resource, so keep it clear of surrounding locks!

You should take the center chunk, and pull it from the roots. Direct it upwards, and make it stand straight. Once it’s straight, you’ll need to use a strong-hold hairspray product to maintain it. Ion Color Defense Extra Control Shaping Spray works really well here, because it’s fast-drying and keeps a firm hold.  The chic faux hawk is, technically, a Mohawk copycat. It needs a protruding hair ridge to stay straight, and it definitely needs maintenance to stay consistent.

Creating Your Own Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The Optional Braid

While the chic faux hawk doesn’t need a braid, your style will have more strength with one. Braid your hair back from the midline, and keep it loose. Spray your product again, and keep your style together. If you need to, you can cheat your style with hair pins. The pins, while hidden, will weight your braid from within—and they’ll secure your faux hawk from the bottom up.

You can also use a banana clip. However, your clip shouldn’t be too tight. To pull off the faux hawk, you need to allow loose ends. While your super-strong hair care product will keep things together, it shouldn’t be used to “cement” your style completely.

Creating Your Own Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Keeping it Real, and Keeping it Long

If you decide to stick with the chic faux hawk, you’ll need to trim your hair quite a bit. Hold the same length, giving your style some extra inches on the top. The chic faux hawk doesn’t play well with damaged ends, either, because the top-heavy nature makes edges highly visible. Check out this YouTube video by VS Sassoon if you’re looking for an ongoing, sleek Mohawk style, and take advantage of your hair’s finest qualities.

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