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Creating the Faux Bob Hairstyle

Short styles are in, and they’re super fun to create. The faux bob is one of the most popular modern hairstyles, and it’s trending across social media, television and movies. To land the perfect faux bob hairstyle, you’ll need to get crafty. Don’t worry: The style is relatively easy to pull off.  Just follow the steps below, and check out the few products you’ll need to nail the look.

Creating the Faux Bob Hairstyle

Step One: Washing and Preparation

You are creating a new style, you know. You’ll need to wash out any product before beginning. Rinse your head in warm water to open your scalp’s pores and release your hair’s oil. Really, you should be using a product like Ion Color Defense Sulfate-Free Shampoo to clear out remaining materials without weighing your style down.


Apply a quarter-sized dab into your palm, and massage it into your scalp. Lather the product, and rinse it from your hair after.

Creating the Faux Bob Hairstyle

Step Two: Conditioning

Once you’ve washed up, you’ll need to condition your hair for styling. Try the Ion Color Defense Intense Moisture Conditioner to protect any hair dye you’re rocking, too. It pairs well with the sulfate-free shampoo, and it’ll pull together your colored faux bob look rather well.

Creating the Faux Bob Hairstyle

Step Three: Drying, Texture and Volume

Once you’re all cleaned up, it’ll be time to prep your hair for dry-styling. First, blow dry your locks. Squeeze out excess water with a cotton shirt, and apply some strong-hold mousse to the damp remainders. Next, section off your layers into a top, middle and bottom section. Grab the bottom section first, and brush from root to tip.


Follow up with a blow-dryer, and repeat the process for the other layers. Then, follow up with the curling iron. Create one-inch curls, and go on a root-to-end basis. The Ion Titanium Auto-Rotating Curling Iron can shave off some time, freeing your hands for quick styling.


Creating the Faux Bob Hairstyle

Step Four: Shortening and Teasing

Much of the faux bobs look comes from fake-shortening your hair. From here on out, you’ll need to rely on hair teasing. After blowdrying your hair, section off a three-inch hair band at your neck’s nape. Secure your hair with a duckbill clip, and use a long-tail comb to finish the job.

Creating the Faux Bob Hairstyle

Step Five: Securing the Faux Bob

To land the faux bob, you’ll need pins. If your hair is fine, shoulder length and difficult to manage, the pins will keep your teased ends teased. Divide your hair’s remainder into two separate sections. Part your hair horizontally, and aim for an ear-to-ear pattern. Divide your hair’s bottom layer by two-inch sections, and roll each two-inch section towards your scalp. Once the sections are secure, you can unclip your hair’s topmost layer.

Creating the Faux Bob Hairstyle

Step Six: Adding the Low Ponytail

A lot of modern faux bobs carry a low-hanging ponytail to secure the style. You should further divide your hair into three layers, pulling the bottommost layer into a loose-hanging ponytail. Fold any remaining hair beneath, and you’ll have a faux bob!

To finish off the look, you should spritz your hair with hairspray. The faux bob, by itself, will stay if you have thick hair. If your hair is thin, or if it’s oily, you’ll definitely need hairspray to hold the edges together. Take care of your look, protect your style, and jam out with the faux bob! Your look is complete.

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