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Create Your Perfect Vanity

The perfect vanity — elegant, ultra-feminine and accented by a gorgeous mirror, who wouldn’t want one? Little girls dream of a beautiful vanity, a place of their very own to primp and luxuriate in all things female. A custom vanity for your bedroom or unique bathroom vanity is the perfect way to tap into your inner princess/diva/goddess and create a space that is all yours, a special place to keep your beauty products, accessories and the essentials used daily.

Creating the Perfect Vanity: Ultimate Purpose

To create the perfect vanity, you need to have a plan about the main purpose of this special space.

  • Is vanity space needed so you have the perfect lighting for applying makeup?
  • Do you need room for hair care and styling products and tools you use to create stunning hairstyles?
  • Is this space your escape, while you indulge in a few moments each day that are totally and absolutely yours?

Consider your reasons for creating a personal vanity space and you’ll have a good starting point for deciding what it will take to create the perfect one for your needs and desires.

Location, Location, Location!

The key to creating the perfect vanity space is selecting the right location. If you don’t have space in your bathroom, opt for a spot in your bedroom. Even if space is limited you can create a vanity perfect for your needs. You want enough room to either hang a mirror or counter top space to place a standing mirror, because a mirror is key.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall?

While it’s unlikely you’ll find an enchanted mirror shopping online, the mirror is an essential piece for creating the perfect vanity. If you’re repurposing space in the bathroom for a vanity and there’s already a mirror, skip this step. However, a good quality mirror is important for a vanity. Ideally, you need it to be large enough so you can see your upper body because you want to see how that statement necklace coordinates with your hair and blouse neckline.

Tabletop mirrors with lights help provide the necessary illumination needed when applying makeup or when performing coloring touch-ups. If your vanity is going to also function as a statement décor piece in your room, consider a more ornate mirror that complements the room’s theme and overall design.

Light It Up

Don’t forget about lighting. You have to be able to see when creating a stunning cat eye or adding pastel highlights to your beautiful brunette hair. Vanity lighting often is referred to as task lighting and it differs from ambient lighting that’s supplied by a simple overhead light. Lighting designers recommend a combination of lighting for bathroom vanities.

Consider task lighting (lighting fixtures placed on either side of the mirror) as well as overhead ambient lighting or decorative lighting that can accent the beauty of the vanity when you’re not using it.

Clear the Clutter

Before you decide what type of storage and display area is needed for your vanity, sort through your hair, makeup and other beauty products. Discard anything that is old, out-of-date or stuff you’ve not used in the last six months. Make a list of favorite products that are used frequently or daily, items like your Ion shaping mist, dry shampoo or your must-have moisturizer. Plan to keep your hair and makeup products separate and decide if you need space to store various styling tools like a hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron and hair clips.

DIY Tip: Depending on the space, you may be able to hang your hairdryer from the wall. We love Pinterest for some great storage ideas for your styling tools.

There are so many fun ways to create a perfect vanity that’s functional but that also showcases your unique personality. Add a vase with favorite flowers or a framed photo of your special somebody. Create a pretty display of your favorite perfume bottles and show off your collection of nail polish colors. There are no set rules — this is all you, so have fun and take your beauty prep space to the next level.

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