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Create Your Own Halo Hair Color Highlights

Halo highlights have become an increasingly popular hair coloring option, especially among women who want to do something a little different and fun. Specifically, halo hair color highlights involve adding color to the underneath sections or layers of the hair. A “ring” of color that is lighter or darker than the rest of the hair is made to wrap around the head near the hairline, with a contrasting color then applied to the upper layers. This creates a fun “peek-a-boo” color that pops out subtly from underneath the top layers.
There are many reasons as to why the halo hair color trend has become so popular. For many women, this coloring option gives them a chance to experiment with colors they may not have otherwise tried out. Furthermore, for women who work in a professional setting where bold and vibrant hair colors aren’t allowed, this coloring option gives them a chance to enjoy the non-conventional color they desire while being able to keep it “under wraps” while on the job.

Create Your Own Halo Hair Color Highlights

Pulling Off Halo Hair Color Highlights

Interested in giving the halo look a try for yourself? If so, then the good news is that you don’t necessarily need to schedule an appointment with a professional stylist. Instead, you can color your own hair in the comfort and convenience of your own home—and for significantly less than you’d spend at the salon. All you need are the right hair coloring tools and an understanding of the proper technique.

Create Your Own Halo Hair Color Highlights

How to Create Halo Hair Color Highlights

While you can use any color combination you desire with the halo look, we’re going to be focusing on a few of our favorite bold and vibrant colors from the ion™ Permanent Crème line; these include Plum, Dark Radiant Raspberry, Radiant Raspberry, and Midnight Violet Black.

Start by making sure you’ve got the right tools for the job. This includes:

Formula 1: Permanent:  2 oz Ion Color Brilliance Master Colorist Series Permanent Crème Dark Radiant Raspberry + 2oz Ion Sensitive Scalp Crème Developer 20 volume

Formula 2: Permanent:  1 oz Ion Color Brilliance Crème Radiant Raspberry + 1 oz Ion Color Brilliance Violet Intensifier + 2oz Ion Sensitive Scalp Crème Developer 20 volume

Step 1

  • Section the head into 2 quadrants (ear to ear). Creating a top and a bottom section.
  • Sections should be separated with a zig zag parting.
  • Apply formula 1 to the lower section

Step 2

  • Apply formula 2 to the top/upper quadrant  
  • Proceed with processing, rinse and proceed with styling.

Create Your Own Halo Hair Color Highlights

Additional Tips

Keep in mind that if you have naturally darker hair and are trying to go with a vibrant, bright color, you may need to begin by lightening your hair with a bleach or hair lightener. This will help to ensure that you can achieve the brightest and boldest shade possible. Also, remember that colored hair is more sensitive to heat styling, so you’ll want to protect your hair from damage by using the right heat-protecting products to keep it looking healthy and strong.

Now that you know how to pull off the halo hair color look on your own, all that’s left to do is decide which fun and bold colors you want to rock with your new look! Be sure to keep these tips in mind and, above all else, have some fun with it!

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