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Change Up Your Look with These 3 Easy Flat Iron Hairstyles!

ion®  has the latest innovation in straightening products with the ion® Magnesium PRO Technology.  This next generation of heat styling tools heats fast, adjusts to a stable temperature and will leave your hair beautiful and sleek.

The key to all this styling prowess is magnesium, a natural element that conducts heat evenly and snaps back to an even temperature right away during use. The ion® Magnesium PRO technology recovers heat quicker after each pass through hair, resulting in fewer passes which means less damage to your hair for salon-quality results at home. Magnesium is a heavy hitter when it comes to hair health and there’s nothing like ion® Magnesium PRO Styling Tools for your favorite flat iron hairstyles.

Change Up Your Look with These 3 Easy Flat Iron Hairstyles!


  • Now available in 1” and  1.25” sizes
  • Optimal heat delivery with magnesium for superior styling results
  • Magnesium and ceramic blend makes the perfect combination to produce shinier and softer hair
  • Dual voltage for worldwide usage
  • Auto-shut off function patented Magnesium Technology

Change Up Your Look with These 3 Easy Flat Iron Hairstyles!



Perfect, loose curls from a flat iron? You bet. Get that fresh, beachy hair look in just a few simple steps. For twisted beach waves, start by lightly misting your hair with water from a spray bottle. Then separate your hair into big sections on one side. Twist the sections together until they look like ropes, making sure to hold on to the ends. Grab a larger straightener like our ion® Magnesium Straightening Iron in 1.25” so you have a larger area of heat to style more hair at a time.  Begin to flat iron the cord of hair, starting at the top of the strand. Continue with the flat iron until you reach the end of the cord of hair. Repeat this process around your entire head and then separate the cords of hair, tousling into beautiful soft waves.

Styling hair should be fun and it now can be with the ion® Magnesium PRO Flat Irons. It’s not just for straightening anymore!

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