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Budgeting Apps that Fit Your Life

If you want to get control of your spending, it pays to do things yourself, such as your makeup, hair coloring, and hair styling routine. But it also pays to maintain a strict, documented budget, and really, this only takes a little bit of effort. Today, you no longer have to balance a checkbook or utilize a spreadsheet. You can still do this, but if you are as connected to your phone as most of us are, you’ll appreciate an app that helps you keep your finances in line.

Here are some great budget ideas for women. Some of the easiest budgeting apps available today are:

HomeBudget with Sync

This app lets you input your data manually, choosing whatever silos you want. Then it will store the information in the cloud, making it available to more than one person. This will help keep you and your partner in sync. There are bill reminders that are sent to your phone, visual displays of where your money is going, and more. Plus, there is a minimal cost associated with this app.

Better Haves

This app lets you manage your finances as a couple. You can track shared and individual expenses and manage a joint envelope. It is a great savings tool, and it’s free!


This is a simple tool that tracks your income and expenses and gives you a projected savings amount. You don’t need to create a budget for this free app.

Getting on board with budgeting apps requires commitment. You have to set it up (that’s the hard part, but once it’s done, it’s done) and then look at it every month. Having a budget does no good if you don’t look at it and follow the parameters. Set a goal, which will keep you on track and help you reduce your spending. Follow our blog for more budgeting tips, DIY beauty, and style inspiration, plus so much more!

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