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Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro Using These Three Tips

If you’ve been trying for years to achieve a salon-quality look without paying the hefty price tag attached, try the new ion™ Magnesium PRO Hair Dryer. The ion™Magnesium PRO Hair Dryer delivers salon-worthy results from the comfort of your own home. Featuring a high-performance motor and patented magnesium technology to cut down on drying time it offers an all-encompassing airflow that mimics your favorite salon. Recreate your signature look in minutes, going for sleek and streamlined or funky and fabulous, by harnessing the patented power of magnesium and tourmaline that not only dries hair but leaves it looking and feeling exceptionally soft and shiny.  Use the ion™ Magnesium PRO Hair Dryer and these 3 helpful tips to blow dry your hair like a pro.

Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro Using These Three Tips

Get a Superior Hold That’s Still Touchably Soft

If you’re tired of sacrificing soft tresses for ultimate hold, say no more. Instead, mix small amounts of styling cream and extra-hold gel in the palm of your hand and work it through wet hair from roots to ends. Set your ion™Magnesium PRO Blow Dryer to a medium setting and use fingertips to style and arrange hair in 1-inch sections at a time. At the end of the day, you’ll still have a rocking hold that feels feather soft and highly touchable.

Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro Using These Three Tips

Keep Curls Sleek and Bountiful

To create a head full of curls that bounce with life, add your favorite curl-enhancing product and work it through damp hair from roots to ends using a wide-tooth comb. Set your ion™ Magnesium PRO Blow Dryer on low, and use hands to gently cup curl clusters. Resist the urge to scrunch curls or squeeze them, as this encourages them to frizz. Once hair is dry, apply a dash of pomade to set the look. If extra body is needed, invert your head and gently massage the roots to loosen and pump up your curls.

Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro Using These Three Tips

Add Salon-Quality Volume and Body

When it’s body and volume you crave, your ion™ Magnesium PRO Blow Dryer grants you perfect form. Simply add root boost to damp hair, then follow up with your favorite brand of mousse. Use a round brush and hold dryer at arm’s length as you roll hair under in small, 1-inch increments. Clip dried hair out of the way as you go to avoid over-drying. Tease hair gently, just at the roots, then style with fingers and go. You’ll have body, volume and soft, silky lengths that rival the most expensive professional salon.

The ion™Magnesium PRO line of styling tools utilize the conductive capabilities of magnesium — a natural element that holds heat better than traditional styling tools. Better heat means your hair spends less time, and that leads to healthy, luxurious locks every time

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