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Benefits of Using A Flat Iron with Argan Oil

Argan oil offers exceptional conditioning properties to help nourish hair and skin and is extracted from the nut of the argan tree that grows in the Mediterranean. It contains fatty acids as well as tocopherols or vitamin E that naturally acts as a conditioning agent and anti-oxidant for hair and skin. When relying on a flat iron daily or even for occasional styling, argan oil can help protect your hair from heat damage. Discover how using a flat iron with argan oil can help protect your hair from drying and split ends.

Benefits of Using A Flat Iron with Argan Oil

Flat Iron Temperatures

Your flat iron can reach temperatures in excess of 450 degrees Fahrenheit — that’s hotter than the temperature it takes for your oven to bake a batch of brownies, a baked potato, or even a whole chicken. It’s hot, and high heat can and will damage hair. Keep these temperatures in mind when using your flat iron:

  • For fine or color-treated hair, flat iron heat of no more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • For medium hair, flat iron heat of 300-400 Fahrenheit
  • For coarse hair, flat iron heat of 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit

Tip: If you can achieve the results you want at a lower heat, always use the low heat to reduce your risk for hair damage.

Benefits of Using A Flat Iron with Argan Oil

How to Use a Flat Iron with Argan Oil

To use your flat iron with argan oil, it’s essential to start with clean, detangled hair. This helps ensure the end result will be soft, smooth, and stunning. Begin by placing a few drops of the argan oil on your fingertips and then massaging the oil into the first section of hair you plan to style. Do this immediately before applying the flat iron. Use your comb to smooth the oil through the hair, following that motion with the flat iron. This process will produce a smooth look and hair that’s soft to the touch.

Argan Oil Tip: It only takes a few drops. If you use too much your hair actually can become greasy.

Benefits of Using A Flat Iron with Argan Oil

Does Argan Oil Protect Hair from Heat?

Yes, argan oil can protect your hair from heat. It contains those fatty acids and vitamin E that helps to condition both hair strands and your scalp. Argan oil may also work to improve blood flow to the scalp, which may help promote overall hair health and even hair growth. However, argan oil isn’t enough to completely protect your hair from the ravages of heat styling. It’s also important to use the right heat styling tool.


Trust ion’s I-Fusion Heat Therapy™ Vapor Styling Flat Iron for protective styling and even hair restoration. This state-of-the-art flat iron has special ceramic plates infused with argan oil to help protect your hair from heat damage and promote a healthier, shinier result after ironing.  These specially designed heat therapy solutions work to penetrate each hair shaft to help increase elasticity, restore smoothness and shine, while repairing previous damage. Additionally,


the I-Fusion Heat Therapy™ Styling Flat Iron transforms the ion Heat Therapy™ Solution with argan oil into vapor, which is then infused into the vented plates for intense structural reconditioning as you glide the plates over the hair.

Benefits of Using A Flat Iron with Argan Oil

Benefits of Using a Flat Iron with Argan Oil

When you use a flat iron with argan oil, it helps to protect against unsightly split ends and breakage that can cause hair to look frizzy. It also helps increase/restore your hair’s natural shine while adding essential moisture back into the hair. That moisture is needed to prevent drying which leads to brittleness and decrease in manageability. Using a flat iron with argan oil can significantly help to prevent/reduce the damage that’s typical with heat styling.

Before using any heat protection sprays, argan oil, or even your favorite flat iron, be sure to read all product instructions and warnings, especially if you have chemical or color treated hair.

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