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Beautiful Red Hair Color for Winter

During the drab months of winter, a great way to boost your spirits and get noticed is to enhance your look with beautiful red hair. Not only can you play with the shade of red, but also with exciting coloring techniques that incorporate red.

Beautiful Red Hair Color for Winter

Shades of Beautiful Red Hair


Are you ready to change the look of your hair from your summer and fall styles to move into winter? It doesn’t matter how daring you want to go or how much you want to play it safe, adding red is a great way to boost your hair for this season. Try one of these fabulous red hues for your new look:


  • Strawberry Blonde: You don’t have to go for intense or dark red if you don’t want to or if it wouldn’t fit your skin tone. Instead, try a lighter strawberry blonde. This gives you a gorgeous soft look perfect for sporting in the snow.
  • Strawberry Gold: To go just a hint darker than the strawberry blonde style, try a strawberry gold look that is perfect for winter.
  • Cinnamon Red: This shade, which you could also refer to as copper red, will give your hair a boost without taking you too far to an extreme.
  • Reddish Brown: For a darker shade that will fit your medium or olive skin, try a dark reddish brown. This gives you a subtle glimpse of red that will shine in the sparkling sunlight. You might find it labeled deep or dark auburn.
  • Bold Reds: Feel free to go farther from natural reds into bright and bold shades. For instance, this Medium Intense Red Blonde Brilliant Gloss will give your hair the boost you’re looking for.

Beautiful Red Hair Color for Winter

Standout Coloring Techniques

Add dimension and texture to your locks by using variations in color and shades with exciting coloring techniques. Give them a try whether you do them yourself or with the help of a friend or stylist. Here are some ideas to consider for an awesome winter look that includes shades of red:


Multi-Toned Styles:

Try a three-toned red look where you use a deeper, more subtle red near your scalp, ease into an in-between red in the middle and then go for an intense red at the tips. This is an ombre look with shades of red instead of other hues. If you hesitate to be too bold, try a sombre, which is a downplayed version where the colors are more natural and close in shade to one another. Another option is to ask for a balayage, where your stylist paints the coloring on to give you a more natural look.


Color Mixtures:

Don’t be nervous about mixing red with another color. Go for red highlights, lowlights or dip-colored tips to complement or stand out from the rest of your hair, whether it’s brunette, blonde or black.


Winter is the season to be a little daring with your hair, livening up a time of year that can be dull and dreary. When you play with vibrant red, you’ll add excitement to the season and to your whole look!

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