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Beautiful Brown Hair Color for Winter

The temperatures may have cooled but the shades of beautiful brown hair color have never been hotter. No matter what you skin tone, there’s a shade of brown for you — from dramatic all-over browns to subtle browns that shimmer with golden highlights.

Beautiful Brown Hair Color for Winter

Lighter Browns and Golden Highlights

Golden highlights for your light brown hair are more than just a great summer look. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t rock fabulous golden locks that shimmer in the glow of the holiday lights. This looks amazing on fair skin with warmer undertones, think Sofia Vergara and how the lighter golden color really brightens her beautiful skin.

Beautiful Brown Hair Color for Winter

Toffee or Caramel Brown

A caramel brown often has a bit more golden hue to it versus a toffee brown, but both shades look fabulous with most medium skin tones. These lighter shades of brown are darker than honey or golden shades but light enough to bring out the gold flecks in hazel eyes and really make green or dark brown eyes look even more dramatic.

Beautiful Brown Hair Color for Winter

Chestnut and Walnut Browns

Chestnut brown is an elegant color for winter and popular with many celebrities including Keira Knightley, Jessica Alba and Mandy Moore. Its rich color has reddish undertones and pairs well with light to medium skin tones.

Walnut brown, a shade that’s slightly darker, has less red undertone and is flattering on skin with olive undertones. Keep both chestnut and walnut brown shades super shiny to help prevent your cut from looking flat and one-dimensional.

Beautiful Brown Hair Color for Winter


Mahogany brown is a rich, elegant color that looks good on fair to medium skin tones. It has a red undertone, which really complements green and hazel eyes. It’s the perfect shade of brown to pair with your favorite jewel tone fashions.

Beautiful Brown Hair Color for Winter

Espresso with Highlights

An espresso brown with your medium skin tone takes on a special holiday flair when you add sandy brown highlights around the face. Not quite as dark as a chocolate brown shade, the espresso brown complements both dark and lighter eye colors.

Beautiful Brown Hair Color for Winter

Dark Chocolate Brown

It’s bold and dramatic, dark chocolate brown is the perfect hair color if you want to take your brunette shade deeper but don’t want to go blue-black or black. Ideal for medium skin tones and olive tones, chocolate brown emphasizes darker eyes and makes lighter eye colors pop. Add a few caramel highlights or try some burgundy ones around the face for a stunning and unforgettable winter look.

Beautiful Brown Hair Color for Winter

Ombré: Dark Chocolate to Caramel

The ombré look for winter goes a bit darker, starting with a deep, dark chocolate brown at top and transitioning to a shining caramel at the tips. It’s a beautiful look for winter, ideal for a variety of skin tones.

Beautiful Brown Hair Color for Winter

Cherry Cola: Is it Brown or is it Red?

A bolder color choice, this deep brown has distinctive red undertone that looks great with medium and olive skin tones. The red hue within the deep brown is more prevalent in the cherry cola brown than in a traditional mahogany brown.

Whichever brown you choose for your winter look, remember to match it with your skin tone. Cooler skin tones look great with deep chocolate browns, while warmer tones really shine with golden browns. Not sure which beautiful brown is your new winter color? Chat with one of our Ion color specialists.

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