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At-Home Hair Color Techniques

If you are looking to change your hair color with bronze highlights, layered coloring or crystal shine, here are 2 new at-home hair coloring techniques that are the newest trends in hair color.  With a little practice, you can learn how to perform salon-quality colorings at the comfort of your own home. Two of our favorite at-home hair color techniques include:

At-Home Hair Color Techniques

Bronze Bespeckling

Designed for those with dark, curly hair, this technique allows you to gild your head with small flashes of bronze:

  1. Mix two ounces of hair developer with an ounce of bronze or light golden blonde color.
  2. Select a series of curls that are evenly distributed around your head. Gently apply the color mixture to each curl, taking care not to change its shape or pattern.
  3. Wait half an hour or until the curls are the desired color.
  4. Rinse your hair with water before washing with shampoo and conditioner.

Bonus: To modify the direction of the colored curls, apply a curl correction cream and style your hair however you want.

At-Home Hair Color Techniques

Red Crystal Coloring

This technique works for anyone with dark, straight hair, providing a strong, deep red shine that will not fade:

  1. Section off three long triangles, each originating at the crown of your head. One triangle should go straight down the back of your head while the other two go down either side. The triangles can be of any size you want, so long as they are the same and evenly distributed. The larger the triangles, the more dramatic the color change will be.
  2. Mix half an ounce of dark red brown color, an ounce and a half of medium copper brown color, and two ounces of 20 volume scalp creme developer. Apply this to the parts of your hair that are not in the triangles.
  3. Divide the triangles in half, with one half on top and the other below.
  4. Mix an ounce of medium intense red blonde color with an ounce of 40 volume scalp creme developer. Apply to the triangle’s top halves.
  5. Mix an ounce of medium intense red color with an ounce of 30 volume creme developer. Apply this to the triangles’ bottom halves.
  6. Give your hair time to process the colors, which will depend on its natural color, its texture, and how intense you want the final effect to be. Then rinse your hair with water.

However, if you choose to color your hair, the better the materials you have to work with, the more successful you will be. ION makes quality care products for hair of all colors and textures. Easily achieve these at-home hair color techniques and follow our blog today to learn more about home hair care options!

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