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How to Fill Eyebrows for a Fuller, Natural Look

Full eyebrows have thankfully replaced the over-plucked versions of the past. But full eyebrows should look natural and not too boxy, too dark or overdone – in other words, it shouldn’t look like you tried to achieve them. Follow our tips on how to fill eyebrows, and you can create a full eyebrow look that fits your face. When you get the right look, finished eyebrows will help your makeup seem more polished and will bring out your eyes and cheekbones. Who doesn’t want that?!  

Eyebrow Shaping Tips

First, it’s important to figure out the shape and size your eyebrows should be so they fit your face. Eyebrows that are too short or long can throw off the balance of your face. Use one of your makeup pencils or the straight edge of a comb, and hold it from your nostril, extending to your outer eye and reaching beyond to your brow bone. Wherever it lines up with your brow bone is where the end of your eyebrow should be.

For the inner eye, take your pencil and hold it straight up against the top bridge of your nose, extending up to your brows. Where it hits should be the inner edge of your brow. Either remove hair or fill in hair to achieve these brow ends. As for the arch, make sure that is three-quarters of the way from the inner brow point.

Fill In the Eyebrows

Take a brow pencil and lightly draw in your brows with short strokes that mimic the growth of your brow hair. Start at the inner edge and move outward. When you hit the outer edge past the arch, you can use some extra pressure on the pencil. The look of lighter strokes on the inside and heavier ones on the outside replicates the natural appearance of brows.

The brow pencil, with the hair-like lines it creates, helps you make a more subtle look than what you would achieve from using shadow to fill in the brows. Be sure to choose a pencil that matches your brow color so it looks natural.

Finish the Look

To complete the visual appeal of your brows and keep them in place, use a spoolie brush to apply clear brow gel (or even a hair styling gel like Ultimate Hold Gel) to your brows, brushing upward. Comb through the gel at the end so your brows don’t look hair sprayed in place.

That was easy, wasn’t it? Fuller, yet understated brows is a look you can achieve every day, no matter what your plans. Try these eyebrow shaping and filling methods to have polished, natural-looking brows that enhance your beauty in a subtle, simple way.

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