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7 Family Game Night Ideas

Many of us think of Friday nights as “Family Nights,” but often this consists of ordering pizza, flopping onto the couch, and watching a movie. This week, try turning family night into game night instead! Keep one of these game ideas in your repertoire for fun that the whole family will love.

7 Family Game Night Ideas

Reaction Time

The only materials necessary for this fun family game are slips of paper and pens. Have each family member write as many hypothetical scenarios as they can think of on their slips of paper, such as “You just won the lottery” or “Congratulations, you just got engaged.” When it’s time to play, have each family member grab a slip of paper and react to the event written down. Get ready for some Oscar-worthy performances from your little ones when the spotlight is on them!

7 Family Game Night Ideas

Stickers & Such

On your next dollar store run, pick up a few packs of stickers. Give each family member a sheet of stickers and challenge them to place each sticker on someone else without them knowing! The first one who runs out of stickers wins.

7 Family Game Night Ideas

Giants, Wizards, and Elves

Think “rock, paper, scissors,” but bigger and better. At the word go, everyone chooses whether they are a wizard, giant, or elf and acts out their part. Giants “squish” elves, elves outwit a wizards, and wizards zap giants. Identical characters are a draw. Play again and again until the best player is the last one standing.

7 Family Game Night Ideas

Drawing Partners

Gather an assortment of random household objects and place them in a bag. Have participants sit back to back. Give one person the bag of objects and the other person some paper and a pen. The person with the bag describes an object from the bag, without naming the object, while the other one tries to draw it from the description. Get ready for some hilarious interpretations of what you thought were simple, direct instructions.

7 Family Game Night Ideas

Musical Chairs

Yes, this IS the game of your youth—remember how much fun it was? Amend the rules a little and allow kids to make chairs out parents, and let your youngest or oldest child be in charge of stopping and starting the music at will. Make a rule that you have to dance while moving around the circle. With a few creative changes, this game requires almost no prep and provides endless laughs.

7 Family Game Night Ideas


Again, the materials needed for this game are as simple as paper and pen. Come up with some general categories, such as “things that make you smile,” and have everyone write down several answers. Collect the answers, read them aloud, and try to guess who wrote what. This game is a great way to keep in touch with teenagers and your little ones as they grow and change.

7 Family Game Night Ideas


It’s a dance party! (And everyone loves a good dance party.) Turn up your family’s favorite music, and let the dancing begin. When you yell, “freeze,” or the music stops, use your lightning-fast reflexes to stop dancing. The last person to stop moving is out. Repeat until you have a winner.

Choose one of these great game over the usual pizza and a movie this next family night and unleash your inner giant, wizard, or elf! Be sure to follow our blog for fun ideas and ways to spend quality time with your family!

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