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6 Confidence Boosters You’ll Fall For

You don’t have to take a lot of time from your family to give yourself a little pick-me-up.  In fact, a lot of the things can be done after the little ones have drifted off to sleep. The below tips are DIY options that working and busy moms can do from the comfort of their own homes – what could be better than that?  Try these ideas to bring a little pep back into your step.


Change your hair

This could mean doing anything from changing your hair cut, parting your hair a new way, trying out braiding and bun styles, going natural, or changing your hair color. Changing your hair will refresh not only your look, but your outlook, too!


Just 30 minutes of relaxation can change your mood and the way you view the rest of the day or week. Go out and get a massage or, in true DIY fashion, try out a homemade facial. Burn some aromatherapy candles and enjoy a steamy bath – let your body let go of the day and wind down.


Whether it is kickboxing, step aerobics, HIIT, spinning, yoga, or Pilates, exercise keeps you feeling fresh, young and healthy, and it releases endorphins to help you feel like a million bucks. If you don’t think you can hold yourself to a schedule at home, join a gym and go there before you make it home after work, or swap places with your significant other to run out at some point in the day. Get your body moving!

Try a new lipstick

Boost your mood tenfold just by changing lipstick shades. The same goes for trying out a new makeup palette. Be daring! Try eyeshadows that you haven’t tried before. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Learn something new

By taking a class in something brand new, you are exercising your mind and expanding your horizons. Try pottery, painting, jewelry making, or cooking. You can also learn new things at home – if you are crafty, learn to make greeting cards or try a new language. There is something for everyone!

See the world… or a new street

Allow yourself to get lost every once in a while. If you can travel outside of the state or the country with your family, why not? If not, try a new area of town! Exploring new areas alone or with family can be exciting and invigorating.

You have the power to get yourself out of a rut! Try something new and let yourself enjoy it! For tips on trying new things and fun confidence boosters, such as a DIY beauty routine or a fun at-home hair color experience, follow our blog!

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