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5 Tips for Strong, Healthy Nails

If your nails are brittle or soft and don’t grow very long, this article is for you! Women all over the world have the same issue. Some of it is genetics, but there are things that can be done to foster strong, beautiful nails. And believe it or not, a lot of these things can be done in the privacy of your own home without costing an arm and a leg.

If getting pregnant and stimulating nail and hair growth hormones that come during that stage is not on your radar, these five tips will help you to get the nail growth you’ve always wanted:

  1. Don’t cut your cuticles. No. Don’t. Really. Cuticles have a purpose and that is to keep out things that can harm you like fungus. Cutting them removes the natural barrier in place and can cause permanent nail bed damage. If you think you can just push them back to avoid that, experts say that causes similar stress to the cuticle and nail. It’s best to just leave them in place. Keep cuticles moisturized to stop the cracking that can occur along the nail line.
  2. It is also suggested that you don’t indulge in professional manicures often. The nail bed can become infected if the tools are not cleaned properly. Every now and then is fine, however if you begin to see puffiness or redness around the nail bed, you are dealing with a chronic infection. If you really enjoy professional nail care, bring your own tools with you and have the practitioners use those on your exclusively. Or better yet – have a DIY mani at home! Salt rubs, paraffin wax, even adding jewels to your finished paint. And even better – you get to watch what YOU want to watch on TV while they dry!
  3. Take your vitamins! Biotin is in the vitamin B family and it has been proven to increase nail strength and reduce splitting and fraying. Take this supplement as part of your normal vitamin routine.
  4. Avoid nail extensions. You’d be surprised how bad these are for your nails. Fungal and/or bacterial infections can manifest under the nail and cause you more problems than you ever expected. There’s still a way to extend your nails for a special event. Try nail tips instead. The same issues exist however you don’t cover as much area with the tips.
  5. File responsibly. Remember when you were taught to file your nails in a sawing motion, back and forth on the nail until you shaped it in the style you wanted? Data shows that this activity is actually detrimental to your nails. And so is the traditional emery board. It is very hard on the nails. If you have the image of biting your nails and hoping they file down over the course of the day, never fear. You can use a smooth file to get your nails into shape and cause less damage in the process.

Keeping your nails healthy takes a bit of effort. There are so many environmental things that can affect the way they look, not to mention the physical and emotional balance that has to exist to keep everything in your body running smoothly. These tips will set you on the right path towards strong, beautiful nails. Try them and watch your nails grow with pride.

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