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5 Tips for a Hair Color Booster

In a perfect world, your favorite hair color would never fade, and you’d only ever need to color your hair when you wanted to try something new. Unfortunately, even the highest quality hair color formulas will gradually fade over time—which is why most people who color their hair do so every six to eight weeks. Still, if you’d like to prolong the life of your color and protect your hair from color-related damage, there are some hair color booster hacks to try out for yourself.

Try a Color-Depositing Masque

Ion makes an innovative Color-Depositing Masque that comes in many of their most popular colors. This masque is specifically formulated to be used in between hair-coloring sessions to restore and revive fading color. And unlike chemical coloring treatments, these masques are actually beneficial to your hair’s health! The color itself is mixed with a conditioning treatment that will nourish and moisturize parched strands, allowing you to achieve more vibrant color and healthier-looking hair with just one treatment.

Use a Semi-Permanent Clear Shine

Another option to consider to boost your color is that of using a semi-permanent clear shine treatment on your hair after you color it. These shine treatments can actually be used on color-treated or natural hair and will give your hair a sleeker, shinier look. In turn, this can help make your color appear more vibrant and fresh. It will also provide the added benefit of sealing the hair shaft, which will reduce the amount of color that rinses out when your shower and wash your hair.

Revive Red With a Cranberry Rinse

Red is by far the fastest color to fade; if you’ve ever colored your hair any shade of red, then you likely know this to be true. Fortunately, there are natural ways to revive that fading red color in between touch-ups. One of the best ways to do this is to actually rinse your hair with all-natural cranberry juice. You can do this in the shower after you’ve already washed and conditioned your hair. The red pigment from the cranberry juice will absorb into your hair, giving your red color a little extra oomph.

Brighten Color With Apple Cider Vinegar

Over time, product build-up can make your hair color appear dull and lifeless. By simply removing that stubborn build-up, you can breathe new life into your hair color. There are plenty of ways to go about removing excess product build-up, such as using a clarifying shampoo about once a week. Just be sure that the shampoo you choose is safe for color-treated hair.

Another option to remove buildup from your hair is to rinse it with a mixture of equal parts water and able cider vinegar. This will naturally cleanse your hair while also creating additional shine and ramping up your existing color.

Add Color to Your Conditioner

One final option to consider for boosting your hair color is that of adding a little bit of permanent hair color to the conditioner you use each day. Just be sure that if you try this option, you leave your conditioner on your hair for at least 5-10 minutes; this will give the color time to penetrate. Also be careful about possible staining from the color after you get out of the shower, as it could transfer to towels if you don’t rinse thoroughly.
Reviving your fading hair color doesn’t have to mean using harsh chemicals on your strands. Be sure to give some of these hair color boosting tips a try for yourself to see which methods work best for you!

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