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5 Short Haircut Styles for Thick Hair

The gift of thick hair often is envied by those fine hair that lacks natural volume. However, wearing your thick, luxurious locks in longer styles can feel heavy and cumbersome. Check out five of the best short haircut styles for thick hair that will show off your tresses to their best advantage.

5 Short Haircut Styles for Thick Hair

1. The Pixie

With thick hair you have natural volume so a great pixie cut won’t just sit on the top of your head like a hair cap. Ask your stylist to taper the cut to prevent it from looking too blunt and opt for piece-y bangs worn just grazing the eyebrow or in sassy-spikes styled up and away from the face. A gel styling mist applied to your fingertips is an easy way to get that messy pixie look.

5 Short Haircut Styles for Thick Hair

2. A Riot of Ringlets

Ringlets are a sophisticated yet fun look for day or evening and can be worn if your thick hair is naturally curly or straight. You can wear ringlets even if your hair is chin length and it’s a great style for square-shaped faces because it helps to soften the jaw line. For naturally curly hair, apply a curl shaping cream to damp hair and shape the hair into ringlet curls while using a diffuser.

Straight hair or wavy hair will need a bit of help from a curling iron. Opt for a one-inch curling iron, first spraying your hair with a heat protection product to help prevent drying and damage. When creating ringlets, always work with small sections. Hold the barrel of the curling iron upright and wrap the hair around the barrel. To release the ringlet, gently pull the curling iron barrel downward.

Don’t forget to set this look with a light finishing spray for shine and bounce.

5 Short Haircut Styles for Thick Hair

3. Inverted Bob

The bob has stayed fashionable for close to a century. It’s a fantastic cut for thick hair and can be worn at a variety of lengths, each designed to flatter your facial shape. If your face is long, opt for chin length but choose a slightly longer bob for a round face. The inverted bob features a back that’s tapered and stacked while the front locks hang longer. The top appears fuller with this type of bob. It’s the perfect short haircut for a busy woman as it transitions easily from day to night — simply add a bit of curl or go ultra-sleek with a keratin flex finish spray.

5 Short Haircut Styles for Thick Hair

4. Long Layers, Short Cut

To add some lightness and movement to thick hair, ask your stylist to add several longer layers in a chin-length cut. Piece-y style layers offer flexibility for styling — these layers can be curled, worn in waves or worn tousled for a carefree yet sophisticated look. Try Ion’s Styling Solutions Texture Spray Wax to help define your tousled style and give it all-day or all-night touchable softness.

5 Short Haircut Styles for Thick Hair

5. The Natural Look

The greatest perk to having thick, naturally curly or wavy hair is you don’t have to fuss with a fancy style to look amazing. Be bold and cut your curls short and then wear them loose and free. After shampooing, apply a curl styling cream and then dry using a diffuser to create soft, touchable curls. The curl styling cream helps to eliminate frizz throughout the day.

The best short haircut styles for thick hair that look amazing typically are the ones that need minimal maintenance. With the right cut and the right styling products, your thick hair can look runway-ready even when you’re just running to the store.

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