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5 Shades of Gray

Though a lot of people still want to make sure their gray hair is covered, gray hair is having a moment with people of all ages. From coloring hair gray or silver to enhancing natural grays, both men and women are trying silver-toned locks, a huge hair color trend in 2015. Gray hair can be stunning, and with the reintroduction of our ION Color Brilliance in Titanium we were inspired to share a few of our favorite gray looks:


This very light gray can verge on white, or even platinum, and it creates a very bold look to fit a bold style. Take a look at a few of favorite whitish-gray locks on our Pinterest board.

Salt and Pepper

Generally, this color combo occurs when people with very dark brown or black hair begin to see silver or white strands. This look can be both naturally chic and unique.


This shade of gray is gaining a lot of popularity lately. It’s stunning on all skin tones and is radiant and stylish. If you have silver locks, try Ion Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Clear Shine to blend or enhance your current shade.

Slate Gray

This is, of course, a darker version of natural gray. It’s close to salt and pepper but is more subdued. This natural shade of gray is also very rich and radiant. Like all gray hair, this shade requires deep moisture to remain shiny and strong.

Healthy, Natural Gray Strands

Both colored and uncolored hair need intense moisture to stay healthy and shiny. Natural gray hair is often more coarse than hair with pigment. It may also seem that natural gray hair is unruly and hard to manage compared to the hair you had before. Because of that, it is important that you use a conditioner or a moisturizing treatment to soften your hair and keep it looking vibrant. If you have used hair color to achieve gray, it is also very important to nourish it with intense moisture, as well.

If you’ve been considering how to get gray hair color or are going gray or enhancing your naturally gray locks, now is a great time to do it! For the month of September all ION hair care and hair products are buy 1 get 1 50% off as well as $10 off any full size ION styling tool! Take a look at our Pinterest board of gray and silver locks to get inspired! Keep your hair looking healthy using these tips and rock out your eye-catching hair color.

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