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5 Minute, Minimalist Look

When you think about the most difficult makeup looks to pull off, what comes to mind first? The winged-eyeliner look? The smoky eye? Believe it or not, one of the hardest looks to achieve when it comes to makeup application is the minimalist look. After all, it’s not easy to look flawless while also looking like you’re not wearing any makeup at the same time. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a quick minimalist routine that anybody can pull off, you’ve come to the right place. These tips will have you figuring out how to get ready in the morning and achieve an effortlessly flawless look.

Start With a Great Primer

The key to pulling off a minimalist look is to start with a great primer; this will help to cover up any imperfections, such as zits or blemishes, without making it obvious that you’re wearing any makeup. A great primer will also even out your skin tone, masking any blotchiness that may otherwise be apparent when you aren’t wearing makeup. Finally, your primer will help to prevent unwanted shine all day long.

Switch to a Creamy Foundation

Next, it’s time to apply a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. Don’t hesitate to head over to the makeup counter at your local department store to find the foundation that’s truest to your natural skin tone, as this can make all the difference in pulling off that minimalist look. We recommend a creamy foundation as opposed to a powder, as a cream will help you to achieve a more natural look. Powder foundations, on the other hand, can cake appear caked-on when applied too heavily.

Invest in a Quality Blush

Using the right blush can mean the difference between rocking that minimalist look and having somebody stop you and ask, “are you feeling okay?” When selecting a blush, remember that a cream blush is better than a powder one when you’re striving for the natural, minimalist look. Whatever blush you go with, however, make sure it’s just slightly more pink than your natural skin tone. You want a little bit of flush in the cheeks—but nothing too obvious or harsh.

Apply Liner on the Water Line

When it comes to the eyes, less is more. For eyelashes that really pop, you don’t even need mascara (though using a small amount of a brown mascara is fine if you naturally have shorter lashes). Instead, simply apply your eyeliner, but apply it to the water line (the area just below your eyelid). This will take a skilled hand and a bit of practice, but once you’re able to flawlessly apply liner to your waterline, you’ll notice that your eyes look amazing, but that it’s not obvious that you’re wearing any eye makeup at the same time! Avoid a harsh black liner, however, for a more subtle look; we recommend a brown or grey.

Finish With Lip Balm, Not Gloss

What about the lips? Typically, for a minimalist look, the best thing you can do is to apply a small amount of lip balm, which will keep your lips looking full and plump. Avoid lip glosses, which are too shiny and will not look very natural. If you want to add a pop of color to your minimalist look, a natural shade of lip stain followed by some lip balm will work wonders in helping you pull off that minimalist makeup look.

Don’t Forget the Hair

Of course, your minimalist look doesn’t have to end there. Consider styling your hair into an intentionally messy bun to finish off your look. Your hair can still look amazing—even in a bun—if it appears healthy and shiny. To keep hair looking its best, even when coloring, you can easily add shine that lasts a few shampoos with ION semi permanent in clear, which adds shine and silk proteins to hair as it colors. And for the month of September, you can find this product and the rest of all hair care and hair color for buy 1 get 1 50% off and $10 off any full size ION styling too. You can find this product and more to help you look and feel your best version of yourself at Ion.

As you can see, there’s actually a lot that goes into pulling off that minimalist look. From makeup to hair and everything in between, these quick and easy tips will have you looking flawlessly and naturally beautiful the next time you leave your house. The best part? You won’t need more than five minutes!

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