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5 Long Hairstyles to Try

With long hair, you have a world of possibilities when it comes to different, unique hair styles.  No matter what your sense of style may be, these five unique and fun styles for long hair are sure to leave you feeling absolutely beautiful.


5 Long Hairstyles to Try

Beachy Waves

Summer is a great time to experiment with wavy hair. For messy but cute beachy waves, try towel drying your hair until it’s just slightly damp. Then, combine a mixture of epsom salt, hot water, sea salt, aloe vera, and a small amount of quality leave-in conditioner into a spray bottle. Liberally spray the mixture throughout your hair and then use your hands and fingers to scrunch your hair one section at a time. Another way of getting beautiful beach waves? Use a triple-barrel waver, such as Ion’s Titanium Pro Triple Barrel Waver, to create fresh, smooth waves that last.

5 Long Hairstyles to Try

Overnight Waves

Remember sleeping in braids as a little girl and waking up to crimped, wavy hair? Try it grown-up style today. Larger braids create larger waves; French braids create tighter, all-over waves. Make sure to braid your hair when it is damp, not soaking wet, and for best results, use a styling gel or cream before you begin braiding.

5 Long Hairstyles to Try

Leave Those Braids In!

When you have long hair, you can get really creative with braids. From a cute French braid to an elegant fishtail braid, there are so many possibilities. The really convenient thing about braiding long hair is that many braid styles work for both day and night looks. Both a casual look and a more formal, date night look can be achieved with a pretty, fish-tailed side braid, for instance.

5 Long Hairstyles to Try

DIY Hair Color

Get creative with color, too! It’s fun to try all type of hair color shades with short, medium and long hair styles. With the professional coloring options we offer at Ion, from professional color formulas to salon-quality hair color tools, the options for your hair color are endless. To try new colors at home, follow our guide for at-home hair coloring and our hot beauty tips and get creative today!


5 Long Hairstyles to Try

Unique Updos

With long hair, you also have all kinds of choices when it comes to updos. From simple, messy buns to more elaborate styles, you can be sure to find an updo that meets your unique sense of style  – and that doesn’t take much time to complete. For instance, if you’re looking to achieve an elegant look, consider going with a sock bun for a polished style that works great with longer hair.

Having long hair can certainly make styling more fun, so be sure to keep these hot beauty tips in mind for your own hair. You just might discover a new hair style that becomes your favorite go-to! Take a look at a few other hairstyles we recommend trying that can be finished in 20 minutes or less!

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