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5 Exercises to Try with the Kids

Summertime is a fun time for kids, who are out of school after a long year and are ready to get going. But summer can be a little difficult to navigate for parents. Planning a schedule that includes kids activities, work, healthy eating, and exercise can be challenging, to say the least.

Below are our tips for the working mother who wants to spend as much quality time as she can with her kids while they are out of school and the weather is warm.

Try these five fun exercises together:

Yoga Poses

Yoga for kids has so many benefits, from relaxation to fun stretches. Have your kids hold kid-friendly yoga poses, such as eagle or tree. Let them have fun with this! Try poses that mimic animal movements. The giggling going on may knock you off balance – but you will have tons of fun!


Get your kids out on a path in your neighborhood or take them to a park and run laps. Teach them to control their stride and keep pace with you. Just bring plenty of water, and don’t overdo it!


Kickboxing can be super fun for kids, who have so much energy! Put on a kickboxing DVD and give each other some space. This controlled cardio can help them learn to pace their efforts and breathe properly.

Dance Workouts

These are just as fun as they are easy to set up. It’s the learning process that makes it exciting.  You can use a DVD and learn choreographed steps together, follow a video online and learn the steps, play a video game, or just turn on the radio and freestyle. It seems like a simple enough activity, but before you know it you will feel like you’ve had a great workout!


Stretching is very important for your body and it is one thing that many adults neglect and kids rarely think about. Wind down a busy day by getting on the floor and doing a couple of stretches. Don’t let the kids rush through them – have them relax into the hamstring, straddle, and lunge stretches so they can feel their muscles respond.

Kids love to work their muscles. Join in the fun! They’ll love spending time with you and will be excited to see you push yourself to higher limits every time. Your example will stick in their heads – even if you’re struggling! You will be displaying the importance of trying hard and trying again and again – as well as having fun in the process.

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