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5 Best Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair

If you have hair that’s on the finer side, then you may get frustrated when you attempt a hairstyle that’s meant for women with fuller and thicker hair. However, the good news is that we have the best hairstyles for fine thin hair. These styles will give you the appearance of thicker and more voluminous hair in no time.

5 Best Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair

The Wrapped Ponytail

If your ponytails tend to fall a little limp, give yours a boost with this super easy style. Simply put your hair up in a ponytail as you normally would. Then, grab a small section of your hair and wrap it around the base on the ponytail itself, using bobby pins and a strong-hold hairspray to keep it in place. That small amount of hair wrapped around your ponytail will give it the illusion of more volume. You can also slip a couple bobby pins underneath your ponytail to give it added height.

5 Best Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair

The Jagged Part

This hairstyle is ideal for fine hair that’s layered. If you tend to part your hair down the middle or straight down one side, then you’ll definitely want to give this a try. Rather than parting your hair in a perfectly straight line, let your part fall a little jagged. This will allow your layers to become more noticeable while giving them added volume, which will make your hair look thicker with hardly any effort on your part! Finish off with a volumizing root lift spray and you’re good to go!


5 Best Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair

The Half Updo

Another one of the best hairstyles for fine thin hair is the half updo, which is super versatile and easy to pull off. Using a clip, bobby pins, or a ponytail, sweep the top section of your hair up while leaving the rest down. Add volume and lift to your a half updo with a control finishing hairspray that’ll keep your hair in place. Having half of your hair up and the rest down is a great way to make it look thicker.

5 Best Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair

The Messy Updo

Sometimes, a messy updo is the answer not only to fine hair woes, but to a lazy day when you just don’t feel like spending a lot of time styling your hair. The great thing about a messy updo (aside from the fact that it’s super easy) is that the messier it is, the fuller and thicker your hair looks. Consider a style like a messy side bun for a little added oomph! Just be sure to use lots of bobby pins and hairspray to hold it all in place.

5 Best Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair

The Beachy Wave

Waves are also great for making hair appear more textured and voluminous, so why not go for some cute, beachy waves? Simply begin with damp hair and use some texturizing spray to scrunch sections into waves. Work in larger sections at a time for larger, beachy waves or smaller sections for more defined waves. Either way, your hair will be looking full and beautiful with this easy hairstyle!

Let’s face it: finer hair certainly does have its benefits, such as being quick to dry and requiring less product! Still, there are days when you may simply desire the look of fuller and more voluminous locks. On those days, be sure to turn to any of these great styles to achieve the look you want!

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