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3 Techniques for No Heat Curls

Curls can be fun and sexy but daily heat styling with the curling or flat iron can cause damage to your hair. With three easy techniques, you can enjoy no heat curls perfect for day or a special night out.

3 Techniques for No Heat Curls

Twist and Pin


For a head full of soft, pretty curls, this is an easy method that requires only bobby pins, a rattail comb, and pomade. This no heat curl technique is best done before bed because you want to have several hours for curls to set. Begin with dry or slightly damp hair. If you want loose curls, only create four to six sections; for tighter curls, create at least a dozen sections.


  • Start at the front with a 3-inch section of hair.
  • Hold the rest of your hair back with a clip if needed.
  • Apply the pomade (a fingertip’s amount) from root to ends, comb it through.
  • Grab hold of the hair at the tips and twist it (twist to the back).
  • Wind and wrap the twisted section up into a small bun and pin it with a bobby pin (or two if needed.)
  • Continue the twists and mini-buns until you’ve done your whole head.
  • Leave in overnight.

In the morning, remove the bobby pins and allow the hair to fall from the mini-buns. Gently begin to separate the hair with your fingers. This will allow the curls to form and fall into place. Fluff and lightly spray with hair spray or leave natural.

3 Techniques for No Heat Curls

Headband Curl Technique


The humble headband — it’s for more than just holding back your hair from your face during a workout. It’s a great tool for creating wavy curls that look amazing without having to use any heat. You’ll need a soft, elastic headband that can wrap around your head to hold your hair back from your face. Wash or dampen your hair and then apply a light coating of pomade or curl shaping creme.


  • Work in sections, wrapping/twisting each section around the headband. It’s like you’re creating a hair “halo” around your head.
  • Secure each section with a bobby pin.
  • Continue until all your hair is up and wrapped around the headband.
  • Allow your hair to dry overnight. If it’s still a bit damp in the morning, use the hair dryer on a cool setting to finish the drying process.
  • Unpin each section and allow the curl to fall loose from the headband.
  • Remove the headband and “comb” out with your fingertips.
  • Scrunch and apply a texturizing spray for a light, manageable hold and pretty, bouncy curls.

3 Techniques for No Heat Curls

Traditional Pin Curls


You may think of a 50s pinup girl when you think of traditional pin curls, but this easy no heat curl technique never goes out of style. These are the perfect no heat curls for any length of hair — even if you’re rocking a bob or pixie cut. All you need are bobby pins and a rattail comb. You can start with your hair damp or dry. Like with other no heat curling techniques, the larger the sections of hair, the looser the curl; the smaller the sections, the tighter the curl.


  • Begin with a 2-inch section just behind your ear (clip hair out of the way if needed.)
  • Wrap the hair around your index finger, twisting towards the back.
  • Simply slide your finger out and pin the curl to your head with a bobby pin (or two.)
  • Continue around your head until you have  as many as you want.
  • Leave the pin curls in overnight or for at least two hours until the curl sets.
  • Remove the bobby pins and release the curls using your fingers.
  • Add a bit of texturizing spray to help define the curls while boosting manageability and shine.

There are several easy methods for no heat curls. From the traditional foam curlers (remember those pink ones Grandma used — they still work!) to French braids that create wavy curls. Whatever your hair type and length, there’s a no heat curl method that will give you the gorgeous curls you want.

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