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2-in-1 Thermal Styling Brush: Straighten and Curl

Styling tools these days make a lot of promises; it seems like they all claim to be the best in terms of providing you with a frizz-free, voluminous look with minimal effort. Sometimes (as you’ve probably experienced first-hand), those promises are too good to be true. However, if you’re looking for a convenient and easy-to-use styling tool that lives up to your expectations, the Ion Thermal Styling Brush is a great investment.

2-in-1 Thermal Styling Brush: Straighten and Curl

Why the Thermal Styling Brush?

This is so much more than a brush; it can be used to add volume, curl, flip, and smooth out hair to achieve your desired look. At the same time, you enjoy the convenience of being able to achieve just about any look you want with just one tool. Imagine only having to pack one styling tool the next time you head out on vacation, rather than having to make space for your curling iron, straightener, and everything in between.

The Ion 2in-1 Thermal Styling Brush features a curved brush head that’s designed to help you achieve amazing volume. It’s also covered with seven rows of thermal nylon bristles and a titanium base, which means you get to enjoy even heat distribution for long-lasting results. Adjustable temperature settings allow you to choose the right heat setting for your hair (up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit). While styling your hair, the bristles help keep hair smooth and tangle-free so you can avoid unsightly kinks, bumps, and frizz.

2-in-1 Thermal Styling Brush: Straighten and Curl

Achieve Added Volume

To use the Ion Thermal Styling Brush to add volume to your hair, simply take one section of your hair and place the brush at the roots underneath the hair. Then, pull the hair and the iron up and away from the scalp, working all the way down to the ends. Work section to section, always starting at the root of the hair, to create long-lasting volume on even the thinnest and limpest of hair.

2-in-1 Thermal Styling Brush: Straighten and Curl

Create Cascading Curls

If you’re going for a curly style, you can achieve your desired curls with this thermal brush. Simply work in sections, starting at the root and slowly rolling the thermal brush with the hair in the direction desired for the curl. Or, if you’d prefer to curl just the ends of your hair, this can be easily achieved by starting the curl farther down the hair shaft. You may also want to finish with a hair spray to ensure the best hold. This tool is also great for freshening up curly styles in between washes.

2-in-1 Thermal Styling Brush: Straighten and Curl

Enjoy a Smooth, Frizz-Free Look

What if you just want to achieve a smooth, frizz-free, and polished look? Doing so is extremely easy with the thermal styling brush. Simply section hair and run the thermal brush from the roots to the ends, using your hands to keep the hair taut within the bristles. If you have thick hair, you’ll want to work in quadrants, starting with the bottom layers of your hair and working up to the top.

2-in-1 Thermal Styling Brush: Straighten and Curl

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Hair

Of course, any time you’re applying heat to your hair, it’s smart to protect it with a heat protecting spray. This will help to prevent split ends, breakage, and other visible damage. From there, you can achieve the most stylish looks without worrying about damaging your hair in the process!

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